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Its where I get my news the fastest! Also, fun


Twitter is not just an app to me it’s my life I just post things that I want to and feel like people get me and I am recognized I’ve had a lot of struggles but through all of that mess Twitter was there for me


Always crashing.

Much less of storage hog than FB

Hope it doesnt go down that path.

Run by Liberal idiots

Says it’s a place to show and post ideas/opinions but you get censored if it has anything to do with the right. Just does not make sense since social media is meant to bring people together and let them get to know other peoples views and thoughts.

Edit tweet button

I love twitter but it really needs a edit tweet button I get so tired of have a mistake & having to delete my tweets and retype them it gets so frustrating so can you please make a edit tweet button thank you!



Zoom in on pictures in twitter moments

So I’ve noticed when I’m looking at Twitter moments and there is a photo, I can click on it to make the text disappear but sometimes it’s hard to see things in some photos I want to zoom in but I can’t maybe this is something that could be improved?

some good points

I like the “while you were away” feature which makes it easier to check Twitter less frequently, but I would appreciate a true black theme. The current dark mode, with its grey background, looks silly on an iPhone X. Black is black—pixels off—not dark grey.

Battery Drain

I like Twitter, but unfortunately it’s desktop only for me because this app drains my battery like crazy. I’ve noticed a difference since I installed it on my iPhone 8plus. Be careful guys.

Very good

The app is amazing in my opinion, Ive made lots of online friends using it. :)


Twitter = Best App In The World.?

Conservatives are hyper sensitive

For a collective of people who claim to be “Anti PC and Unapologetic” they sure do love to whine and complain. Nothing but a pack of beta males who will believe anything written on a meme or tweeted by a Russian twitter bot. So gullible. So cringy. So pathetic. The president is garbage and lost the popular vote by 6 Million....get over it.

Information hwy

As far as I can say , #SUPPORTYOURPASSIONS

Useless on iOS 11

Constant lag/freezes when scrolling on iOS 11 (on an iPhone 6). Makes it very frustrating to use.


When you Like something it doesn’t stay in Chronological Time Order! It’s something to do with the Apple IPhone Most Updated iOS Versions & Twitter! I use twitter on an older apple iPhone with iOS 10.3.3 and the Likes stay in Chronological Order and that’s with using twitter’s most Recent Version. The newer versions of the Apple iOS systems has Bugs with the twitter App and makes what you Like go anywhere in no set order! Hopefully Twitter can come out with an update that works flawlessly even with the most recent iOS that Apple puts out! Hope the Developer Can Fix This, Thanks!

Twitter Censors Conservatives

Delete the app - controlling opinions and minds - Bye Bye Twitter!! #ReleasetheMemo By the way FakeNews, I am from Indiana not Russia!!

One sided

App is ok but the support for dems is obvious. There shouldn’t be favoritism ya’ll. But then look at Google. Ugh


Enough already! WHAT updates? WHAT did you “update”? Exactly WHAT has changed?? I want the details.

Dms Robados

Tenía más de 100 dms con famosos y gente cuando de la noche a la mañana los perdí. Que mal está twitter

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