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Really good for ARMY keeping up w @BTS_twt!!


Tengo un problema con esta aplicación la instale en mi iPhone y para lograr ver la información es casi imposible se me cierra la aplicación. Funciona muy mal

App crashes

My app continuously crashes for the last week. I have deleted and re-downloaded the app as well as restart my phone. Still having the app crash when it opens.

New share icon

Okay so lately twitter has been pretty laggy on my 6s. Never had issues till lately. It seems if I close the app completely and reopen it then it helps but I’ll really love if you figured out some way to fix it. It’s become really annoying and I’m on twitter so much. I know it’s not my phone cause other apps scroll smoothly. This is really starting to get annoying. Also about that new share icon, I still don’t have it for good, sometimes it will show and then it will go back to the old one. I’ve exited the app and reopened it and it doesn’t update. Hopefully it gets fixed ASAP

Constantly crashes

Have deleted app three times now and still will not remain stable.


Drama,with Kayla ???


Very nice Twitter ??

follow option

i love this app especially the night feature????.... best thing you’ve put on here, but i just hate how i can’t delete a person that follows me and i don’t know them. can you give us control of who we want follow us or not!!!


Listen. This app is JOKES ???? pure entertainment Bruh no cap HOWEVER the rules are hypocritical because they don’t apply to everyone. It seems like all the black accounts get suspended once they get a following



The most powerful social network

Its where news breaks and revolutions begin. Twitter is the greatest thing to ever happen to me.

Getting old news

Every time I log on, I see threads and posts from 9, 10 or 11 hours ago. Twitter needs to fix this.

Twitter App

The twitter app works awesome awesome

‘What’s Happening’ Section Has Nothing

How exactly are we supposed to read the stories under the ‘What’s Happening’ section? When I click a story in there, it only has a headline, a photo, and a short description but no link to the story that the headline described. How are we supposed to read the stories highlighted there? What exactly is the point of this section if it doesn’t lead users to read the story it has mentioned in its headline. Am I missing something?

Yes but the Nazis are still there.

Jack, get rid of the Nazis


Twitter does not notify me when someone retweets my tweets nor does twitter shows me when someone follows me ?!!

Failure to launch

My app has stopped working. It will not open

Can’t report fake accounts

Why can’t fake accounts be reported?

Too many ads, Waste of time

Still not sure why I should waste my time with this app. Seems more like a site for political bashing of out groups and a popularity contest. Just another outlet for mass media propaganda and advertising.

Almost There

I don’t care to see an “Incase You Missed It” section. Why give me the option to see this section less often but still have it show up every single time I open the app? That is so annoying.

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