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How can i write more than 140 characters?!!

Please don’t get it

I saw everyone using it I wanted to get it I made an account and I saw someone tweet something stupid so I said are you dumb or something and I got banned. Please do something about that plase unban my account

I love Twitter but...

I love Twitter but this app is so slow. I can’t believe how much slower than the Android version. Please fix this, it is huge deal. It’s also very difficult for you to access your profile.


Give it a new look is getting sooo boring?

Ok but ghost notifications

Keep getting ghost notifications on my app - deleting and updating do not change the issue. Would love if this was fixed

Love Twitter ❤️

Always keep me informed ??

Trump is advocating Nuclear War in Tweets and Twitter does nothing.

You need to remove his account, hes a manchild having a temper tantrum that has the power to kill us all.

Slow to open and crashes

App takes forever to open and load cheap backup android phone is faster to open and load content on Twitter.weird up glitches happening since iOS 11 and app doesn’t remain in memory even for short duration while using other apps

I love it

I love it


Great app, honestly better than Facebook, Instagram, snap and others.. twitter is definitely my favorite and only social media I have. I deactivated all of the others account I had. Twitter is more of a fun app, you can everything you do in other social medias except ft, but the still the best one to me. No drama just smooth, I kept twitter cz twitter is easy and no drama.. the others its drama back and forth.


I really love twitter great app for when you want to tweet or see friends or family tweets.

Wish there was a DND feature available to mute notifications

I like twitter notifications, especially for certain users I follow; however, sometimes the alerts can become annoying when busy. Wish there was a way to temporarily mute notifications at times without having to log out on the app.

1 star on principle

Every time an app asks for a review, I give them 1 star. Stop prodding people to review. It’s quite pathetic

Petty and hostile against Libertarians/conservatives

It wouldnt surprise me if this company supports the terrorist Antifa group. Ive already lost my main account due to reacting to trolls, and they will always ignore or take the side of a leftist if youre ever dog piled or harassed.

I hate it

I hate this app I don’t care what other people say I hate this app

Impossible to delete past tweets not app compatible

It’s hard to delete old tweets It doesn’t work well with Listia And other apps. Changes have made things worse. More bugs than ever. May have to Delete it all together ❗️


Having an issue uploading videos. They used to continue uploading if I leave the app, now they dont and they take twice as long to upload

Glitches for the last month

Every time I open the app it opens to the same place I had previously opened it literally DAYS ago. Then it also started giving me the little red 1 notification on the app constantly to where I could not get it to go away until reinstalling the app. Which even after I did, it started doing it again a week later.

The app won’t open!

I downloaded your latest version, which worked fine until just today. Now your app won’t open at all. And when will you allow people to be able to edit their tweets for crying out loud!? Whenever there is a mistake on my tweet, I have to delete it and do the tweet all over again! Other people have complained about this too. PLEASE ALLOW EDITING OF TWEETS! FACEBOOK HAS NO PROBLEM WITH EDITING, WHY DO YOU?!

Ridiculously slow & freezes constantly

In the last two weeks my Twitter has gotten slower and slower. I now run in to issues where it will freeze for several seconds before opening a picture or letting me like or retweet a post. I have to press the link to write a tweet several times before it will open, and the same is true of the home button when I try to refresh my feed. I love Twitter but this is getting really annoying.

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